After over a year without traveling - we were/are in the same boat, right? - we finally headed to San Diego, La Quinta, and the Salton Sea for a week. While most of the trip was just to reacquaint ourselves with the joys of traveling, it was the Salton Sea that peaked my photo curiosity. On a hot April morning, with temps touching the 100 degree mark, the Sea was every bit as desolate as I expected, and every bit as fascinating. At our first stop along the northeast shore, with the salt-encrusted shoreline, brackish water, and mountains looming to the west, I captured this image. While OK, it certainly did not reflect how I felt 
So, when I got home, I applied a filter using Silver Efex Pro 2 to covey the true feel of the place as I perceived it.  A much different sensation, a sense of parchedness, of older times, of heat and desolation. I tend not to use specialized software filters very often, but in this case I knew the I couldn't get across the feeling I had while composing the photo without help later on. The tools of photography are there for a reason: to make the image yours. 
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